About Mollie


Mollie is serving since 2012 in the fashion industry to replenish it with the latest. In this era, we updated ourselves to get the highest reputation point. Now, we have achieved it with an emerging brand title too. We are an international B2C fashion e-commerce platform based in Manchester UK. We pride ourselves on original fashion design and excellent customer service.

Our team has full creative control from sketching to stitching as well as sewing and manufacturing the  garment design.

Our Mission

In 2021 we aim to upload 20 new styles every 2 weeks , so keep an eye out for some original drops which you wont be finding anywhere else!

We're also big advocates of sustainable fashion and we aim within the next 2 years to shift our material stock from synthetic to natural.

In the meantime stay tuned for frequent blog posts on sustainability and how you can change your habits (from buying to the upkeep of your clothes) to help save the planet.


Where You Can Find Us:


Unit 1, Mitch hey Mills, College Road,

Rochdale (Ol126AE)

United Kingdom 

For any customer queries or collaboration enquirers please email:
[email protected]
or call
Were always happy to help!