How to become a fashion influencer on Instagram

How to become a fashion influencer on Instagram

The up-rise of social media over the last decade has made it easier than ever for people to fulfill inner entrepreneurial dreams of success.

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube have made it plausible to promote yourself as a business and reap the freedom that running your own personal brand brings. 

If your thinking about starting off as a Fashion Influencer look no further.

Here at Mollie Fashion this week we have devised a Step-by-Step Plan on how to become a successful INSTAGRAM influencer in 2020.


Take a look at our strategy plan.


Step 1. 

Come up with a style/niche to represent within the industry,


How to become an Instagram influencer


You could orchestrate a health & fitness oriented feed and build money through affiliate marketing  Supplements, Activewear, Diet Plans & Training Programmes. 

Or you could dedicate your profile to be the place to go to catch the latest trainer releases. 

The more refined the niche the more successful you will be. Period/  It's the only way to separate yourself from massive pool of generic completion and to actually be memorable to customers.


Step 2.


Build your following.

How to become an influencer on Instagram 2020


We recommend to bolster your following to start with buy 2500 followers at . It's complexly legitimate and it makes it look like you've got some sort of authority when starting off your feed.

(Sounds ludicrous but it actually works, people are more likely to follow you when you already have followers)

Once you have the staple 2500, it's time to start networking. You quite literally need to network until you cannot network anymore!


First you need to.

Reach out to people with more followers than yourself in your Niche and use them to leverage your profile. Send them free items to post on there feed or get them to repost your content. Its the best way to organically grow your following,


Step 3. Reach out to small/medium businesses and ask to promote products

How to become an Instagram influencer 2020

Once you have generated a half decent following from networking with people in the industry and posting purposeful content to gather a demographically relevant audience. it's time to start shooting your shot!



Any business owner , or digital marketer who sees a shoddy generic template knows how little thought you've put into representing there brand so expect no reply. 

Look up the business , do some brand research and come up with a detailed thoughtful proposal in regards to how you are the ideal candidate to represent X brand. 


Step 4.  Diversify your content!

How to become an Instagram influencer


To maintain audience engagement you need to be thinking about writing articles, posting video, generating polls and opinion charts. ON TOP of posting high quality photographs.

Just taking photo's is not enough to stand out in the digital marketplace in 2020. You need to diversify your content but keep it focused on your niche,

You could create a q & a video on what you liked about the product, or you could write a blog post on your favorite outfits for the season. (Niche Relevant of Course)


Step 5. Link your Facebook account for Instagram shopping (If you want to expand business and sell own products).


How to Become an influencer in 2020


Set up a Facebook page for your brand and infiltrate your shop on Facebook with stock & descriptions. 

To gain acceptance for shopping features on your Instagram profile you need to make sure;



  • Your business must be located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Brazil;


  • Your Instagram Business Profile must have been connected to a Facebook catalogue. This can be created and managed on Business Manager or through your business Page on Facebook.


Once your confident your page meets this criteria you actually set the feature up through the Instagram app.


You can check out the step-by-step process on how to do this here>,confirm%20your%20email%20address.%20...%20More%20items...%20 


Step 6. Get to work. Start Networking.

Once you have followed the strategy above you need to get to work.

POST EVERY DAY.  You will not build up an audience with sporadic posting, people will loose interest and jump onto the next trend, very quickly. 

Tools like hootsuite enable you to automate posting so you don't even have to physically write blog posts everyday. Just set out a couple of hours one evening and schedule your posts at popular viewing times for the entire week.

Sign up for hootsuite here;



The target before you can start making money.

Once you have gained 20k Plus followers this is when you can flip the script and start charging people to send you products to promote on your feed.


Good Luck.