Top 5 Activewear Brands 2020

Top 5 Activewear Brands 2020

With public gyms, swimming pools & leisure centers re-opening on 25th July, It's the perfect time to start freshening up that activewear section in your wardrobe.

We've put together our favorite activewear brands and products which have been making waves in the industry this year. Some obvious market leaders , some more niche.

Check out our top ten.

1. Nike 

Top 10 Women's Activewear Brands 2020

Very obvious choice, but you just cannot overlook Nike when it comes to Sportswear. 

Nike stands for something and as a result it stands out. With it's iconic swoosh logo and its continuous...

How to become a fashion influencer on Instagram

How to become a fashion influencer on Instagram

The up-rise of social media over the last decade has made it easier than ever for people to fulfill inner entrepreneurial dreams of success.

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube have made it plausible to promote yourself as a business and reap the freedom that running your own personal brand brings. 

If your thinking about starting off as a Fashion Influencer look no further.

Here at Mollie Fashion this week we have devised a Step-by-Step Plan on how to become a successful INSTAGRAM influencer in 2020.


Take a look at our strategy plan.


Step 1. 

Come up with...

How to be more Sustainable in fashion 10 EASY STEPS

How to be more Sustainable in fashion 10 EASY STEPS

Here at Mollie we are always striving to spread awareness for sustainability in fashion. In the last 5 years the accessibility of cheap affordable clothing has generated a problem in society which is harmful to our planet.


Cheap affordable clothing with fast delivery options gives anyone in any financial situation the opportunity to buy an outfit for one particular occasion. (i.e a night out for the weekend) Then simply throw it away once the occasion has passed. 


Throwing clothes away can be extremely toxic for the environment. Clothes end up in landfills and synthetic fabrics such as polyester...

Summer Outfit Ideas

Summer Outfit Ideas

Here at Mollie Fashion we are unveiling a few of our favorite looks for you to take inspiration from for the closing summer months.

After a dreary start to the pandemic educed summer we think its a great time to spruce up your wardrobe for the re-opening of bars, restaurants, hotels and flights.

Here's our top 5 must have looks for August & September.



Summer Fashion Ideas

Ruffled Minidress with Velcro Sandals , Chain Belt , Pukka Shell Anklet & Choker.

We love the color popping contrast the sandals bring to this outfit , whilst the...

LETS MAKE FASHION SUSTAINABLE - Rating Systems For Eco Value Of Fashion Retailers

LETS MAKE FASHION SUSTAINABLE - Rating Systems For Eco Value Of Fashion Retailers

Fashion is the second-largest polluting industry in the world, behind only fossil fuel energy productionThe Pulse report forecast fashion emissions to grow 63% by 2030.

At the moment (2020) it takes on average 10,000-20,000 litres of water to produce a kilo of cotton (A pair of jeans). This is why we need to start supporting brands that source cotton using ecological agronomic practices. Water is not a finite resource.

Pesticides are also commonly used to facilitate cotton growth, which flood crop fields contaminating nearby rivers and streams- placing neighboring communities in states of water scarcity.

An example of this is the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan -which has been...